weaver vale van graphics

Vehicle Graphics for 110 Weaver Vale Housing Trust Vans

We first had to submit a tender to be able to work alongside Weavervale Housing Trust, which we were chosen out of numerous other bids.

All artwork was supplied to us but we still had to implement it onto a working design, amending until the client was happy. Once everything was agreed and the graphics had been printed on our wide format digital printer we started to apply the graphics on site in Warrington.

5 vans a day until all 110 had been complete.

More technical detail to follow inc materials, vehicle types and timescale to complete a single example for client comparison.

We have done weaver vales vans for the past 15 years. Last time we did them we had to tender for them as they had brought a company in to save them money, even competing against three other companies we retained the custom from them and as it says did 110 vans. They were being delivered in batches of 5 or 10 vans per week and we worked with WVHT to complete these at a site in Warrington whilst they were having roof racks and internal racking fitted to allow them to be delivered fully ready to go onto the road.

The vinyl used was a high spec 5-7 year vinyl with a 7 year Polymeric print vinyl laminated to give UV protection from the sun. Each van was given a fleet number and we used a number of different logos on different vans, not all vans were the same. We have designed a spec sheet for each van and work closely with the repair centre who fix any damaged vans for WVHT and made it simple for them to order replacement decals from a numbered chart.